Class 14: Youth – Amateur Photography

(Youth – 16 years old and under)

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Chairperson: Muriel Smith


  1. Photos may be digital or film.
  2. Photos no larger than 5 inches x 7 inches, must be mounted on BLACK Bristol board with 1 inch
    border all around.
  3. Please use clear photo corners, glue or sticky tag for mounting.
  4. Please do not cut the photos into shapes.
  5. 1 photo per section unless otherwise stated.
  6. Absolutely NO captions, writing or titles on photo unless specified!
  7. NO cropping or manipulation of photo!
  8. Personally taken, manipulated/enhanced and printed on photo paper.

1. Open to both girls and boys.
2. One exhibit per section per exhibitor.
3. Please fill in entry tags very carefully.
4. No entry fee required if entering ONLY Youth – Crafts, and/or Baking, and/or Flowers, and/or
Photography, and/or Specials.
5. Entries will be disqualified if age is not visible on entry tag.

Prizes: 1st: $4, 2nd: $3, 3rd: $2, 4th: $1, 5th: $1
Youth – 16 years old and under

1. Animal Love
2. My Hero
3. My Favourite Friend
4. Oooooops!!! With suitable caption
5. Merge 2 photos of animals to make a new species of animal (include both original photos)
6. From Young to Old – portrait of a person altered/aged (include original Photo