Class 2: Organized Groups

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Prize Money:  See entry rules below

Chairperson: All of us!


a) Entries must be work of the member of the organization.
b) Each entry must display 8 articles or items attractively arranged in a space of 3 feet x 5 feet.
c) Name of group must be covered until judging is completed.
d) Ribbons will be award and $30.00 given to each group entering a worthy exhibit.

Theme: Country Cottage

The following are some suggestions that could be included in a display, use some if you wish, or come up with your own items.


  1. Lantern
  2. Camp fire
  3. Fishing pole
  4. Tackle box
  5. Welcome sign
  6. Hammock
  7. Inflatable water toy
  8. Cards
  9. Board games
  10. Barbeque


Country Cottage

Theme: Country Cottage

  1. Chesterville Fair, Chesterville, ON
  2. Chesterville Kayak Club, Avonmore, ON
  3. Chesterville Woment's Institute, Chesterville, ON