Class 3: Flowers

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Prize Money: 1st – $5.00, 2nd – $4.00, 3rd – $3.00
Chair Person: 
Shirley Coons

Cut flowers in GLASS JARS ONLY, unless stated otherwise. Use elastics to hold entry tags in place (not scotch tape). Unless colour is stated, any colour or colours may be used. The exhibits of flowers and potted plants are restricted to persons growing them for reasons other than a commercial enterprise. Entries not conforming to specifications will be disqualified. Please read descriptions very carefully.

Cut Flowers

Most points in Cut Flowers (Section 1 to 23) – Sponsored by Shirley Coons, Prize Money:  1st – $25.00, 2nd – $15.00, 3rd – $10.00


  1. Rose, 1 stem more than 1 bloom with foliage in a vase.
  2. Single Rose, floating in a wine glass
  3. Cosmos 5 blooms any colour or colours
  4. Dahlia, 3 blooms, up to 3 inches in a vase with floral foam.
  5. Dahlia, 3 blooms, over 4 inches in container with foliage & floral foam
  6. Snapdragons, 3 spikes any colour
  7. Sunflower, any variety, 1 bloom in container
  8. Rudbecka (Black eyed Susan) 3 stems in jar
  9. Petunias, 3 stems, single, wave.
  10. Hosta, any colour, 3 leaves in a jar
  11. Marigolds, 3 blooms, over 3 inches, with foliage attached
  12. Marigolds, 3 blooms, under 3 inches, with foliage attached
  13. Any annual flower not listed, 2 stems or spikes, named
  14. Mums, 3 stems with foliage, in a glass jar
  15. 1 head hydrangea in a glass jar
  16. Sedum 3 stems.
  17. Any other perennial flower, 2 stems or spikes, named
  18. Cleome 3 stems any colour
  19. Arrangement for dining room table in a vase with flora foam
  20. Your favourite Mug filled with garden flowers with floral foam
  21. Nature’s Way, wild flower bouquet in any container
  22. All White, white only for this entry, except foliage, with floral foam & white container
  23. Bring Summer Indoors, arrangement of garden flowers for a side table. Vase must be at least 7 inches tall, with floral foam
  24. Best Planter or Patio Container with assorted flowers – Sponsored by Muriel Smith, Prize Money: 1st – $20.00, 2nd – $15.00, 3rd– $10.00

Potted Plants

Plants have to be exhibited in pot in which they were grown.

Most points in Potted Plants (Section 25 to 36) – Donation in memory of Natalie and Wilburn Robinson, Prize money:  $25.00


  1. African violet, in bloom, single, single crown.
  2. Geranium in bloom
  3. Hanging Plant, with Hanger, named
  4. Perpetual Bloomer or Impatiens, in bloom
  5. A very Unusual Plant, named if possible
  6. Begonia, waxed, in bloom
  7. Begonia, Tuberous, in bloom
  8. Plant grown for bloom, other than those listed, in bloom
  9. Potted Ivy
  10. Coleus
  11. Cactus or Succulent, any kind
  12. Plant grown for foliage, not listed, named if possible

Specials – Rosettes

Best Specimen, Best Arrangement, Best Plant