Class 6: Junior Youth Baking

(Youth 11 years old and under)

Chair Persons: Kim Link and Joyce Francis
Prize Money: 
1st – $5.00, 2nd – $4.00, 3rd – $3.00, 4th – $2.00, 5th – $1.00


  1. Open to both girls and boys.
  2. One exhibit per section per exhibitor.
  3. Please fill in entry tags very carefully.
  4. No entry fee required if entering ONLY Youth – Crafts, and/or Baking, and/or Flowers, and/or Photography, and/or Specials.
  5. Entries will be disqualified if age is not visible on entry tag.

Items 3, 4 & 5 to be on a disposable plate in a baggie with tag stapled to outside of baggie


  1. 3 cup cakes, decorated, on a plate
  2. Marshmallow creature to look like a Dinosaur or Monster, labelled, on a plate
  3. Brownies, frosted, 3 on a plate
  4. Nutritious after school snack
  5. Cookies, chocolate chip, 3 on a plate

Rice Krispies made in the shape of your first initial. (Must fill an 8 inch paper plate)