Class 13: Amateur Photography

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Photos may be digital or or film.
Photos no larger than 5” x 7” must be mounted on Bristol board with 1” border all around.
Please use clear photo corners, glue or sticky tag for mounting.
Please do not cut the photos into shapes.
1 photo per section unless otherwise stated.
Absolutely NO captions, writing or titles on photo unless specified!
NO cropping or manipulation of photo!

All of the above, PLUS
Personally taken, manipulated/enhanced and printed on photo paper.
Chairperson: Muriel Smith

Prizes: 1st: $5, 2nd: $4, 3rd: $3

Sections 1-14:
1. Summer Harvest
2. An OLD Farmhouse
3. Your Favourite Wildflower(s)
4. Your Favourtie Christmas Photo
5. Unique Fence(s)
6. Baby Smile(s)
7. “This Makes Me Laugh” – with suitable caption
8. Intense weather
9. A picture Showing a Reflection
10. A Spider’s Web
11. “Birds at my Feeder”
12. Photographer’s Choice – must be black and white
13. Photographer’s choice – in colour
14. Family Gathering
15. 3 Photos of Bridges or Old Barns

Digital Photography Manipulated
16. Merge 2 Photos of animals to make a new species of animal (include both original photos)
17. From Young to Old – potrait of a person altered/aged (include original photo)