Sponsorship Opportunities

How Can You Help?

The Chesterville Fair and all other events of the Chesterville & District Agricultural Society could never be possible without the generous support of businesses and individuals in our community.

As Canadians, we value our traditions and the communities built by our ancestors. From Canada’s inception, farming and agricultural fairs were an important part of the Canadian economic and social fabric. The Chesterville and District Agricultural Society will be hosting the 90th Chesterville and District Fair. Our mandate is to promote agriculture and provide educational programs to support farming in our area. This year’s fair celebrates the Canadian story with agricultural displays, farm animal exhibits, home crafts, competitions, displays of antique and modern farming equipment and activities that reflect our appreciation of the past.

The Chesterville and District Agricultural Society Fair is undertaken by an experienced, dedicated group of volunteers who put countless hours into the organization and operation of this three-day event, as we continue to carry out our Society mandate.

We do rely on sponsor donations and agricultural grants to be a stable base in funding this event. Periodically we will have capital projects where we can apply for Provincial and Federal funding. However, many of these applications require a ‘matching funds’ condition. It is our hope as we move forward that our community will consider helping with those goals as the projects arise.

We sincerely hope that you will be able to help us grow the Chesterville and District Agricultural Society. The enclosed information sheets outline our sponsorship program. We do value our sponsors and recognize their distinctive contributions. When determining your support, gifts in kind are always appreciated. However, as a sponsor, if you would also consider financial assistance to allow us to direct some of the funds to our maintenance and grounds budget and the majority to our agricultural displays, farm animal exhibit and home craft competitions. Together with your contribution, we will work together to help provide agricultural awareness opportunities and family friendly event.

See you at the fair!

If your organization is interested in helping out, either with cash donations or in-kind products and services, please get in touch with our Sponsorship Committee today at sponsorship.cdas@gmail.com. Our sponsorship packages guarantee that your business will receive extensive recognition.