Class 7: Preserves

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Prize Money: 1st – $5.00, 2nd – $4.00, 3rd – $3.00
Chair Person: Marie Claire van Wylick

Jams, jellies, pickles and relishes may be in 250 ml (1 cup) or 500 ml (2 cup) jars. All jars not properly sealed at the time of judging will be disqualified. There must be no rust on the jar lid. No commercial kits to be used. Pickles must be natural colour – NO FOOD COLOURING! NO RUSTED CAPS OR RINGS


  1. 1 rhubarb jam, plain
  2. 1 rhubarb jam with 1 other fruit, with attached recipe
  3. 1 strawberry jam, cooked
  4. 1 raspberry jam, cooked
  5. 1 peach jam, cooked
  6. 1 apple jelly
  7. 1 Jam not listed, named
  8. 1 jelly not listed, named
  9. 1 marmalade
  10. 1 peaches, canned
  11. 1 applesauce
  12. 1 corn relish
  13. 1 green cucumber relish
  14. 1 relish not listed, named
  15. 1 icicle pickles, NO food colouring added
  16. 1 dill cucumber pickles, plain or garlic, up to 1 litre/quart jar
  17. 1 bread and butter pickle
  18. 1 of any cucumber pickle not listed, named
  19. 1 beet pickles
  20. 1 salsa sauce
  21. 1 chili sauce
  22. 1 tomatoes, canned
  23. 1 tomato marmalade
  24. 1 zucchini relish
  25. 1 diabetic jam—any kind

NOTE:  The Bernardin Grand Champion Jam & Jelly is Section 1 to 9 ONLY.

Country Fair Baking Contests

BERNARDIN – 2019 Home Canning Awards
Please visit: www.bernardin.ca


  1. Bernardin Best of Show Award – 1st prize $30.00 Gift Certificate plus Rosette Prize Ribbon – Highest in Points Class 7, using Bernardin jars and lids
  2. Bernardin Jam/Jelly Award – 1st prize $20.00 Gift Certificate plus Rosette Prize Ribbon – Section 1 to 9 only.
  3. Bernardin Gift Pack Competition – 1st prize $20.00 Gift Certificate plus Rosette Prize Ribbon
  4. Bernardin SNAP Lid® / Mason Jar Creative Craft Award – 1st prize $20.00 Gift Certificate plus Rosette Prize Ribbon
  • Use of Bernardin Mason Jar/Snap lid must accompany each entry, as proof of purchase. Bernardin Jam/Jelly award requires Bernardin Pectin package or UPC as proof of purchase
  • All entries will be judged on appearance, texture, creativity of recipe and presentation. Decision of the fair judge(s) will be final.
  • All first place winners must sign a release form giving the sponsor (Bernardin) permission to use, without payment, the winner’s name and/or photograph in any other advertising or publicity.
  • Photo and itemized description of the contents is required for the gift pack contest.
  • Photo is required for the creative craft contest.
  • National Gift Pack contest prizes will be sent directly to the winners.
  • Gift prizes, banners, rosette prize ribbons and other promotional giveaways will be sent 3 to 4 weeks prior to the start of the fair in our fair contest kit.