Tractor PullThe Chesterville Fair Antique & Farm Stock Tractor Pull is always growing, with previous years having over 80 entries! Enjoy a day in the grandstands watching antique tractors compete for the best distance in this traditional tractor pull.

Participant Information

Download the complete Rules & Regulations here. For more information contact Brad at 613-295-2771 or Phil 613-223-9153

Registration: 9am

First Pull: 10am

Weight Classes

Antique Tractors

  1. 3500
  2. 4500
  3. 5500
  4. 6500
  5. 7500
  6. 8500

Farm Stock Tractors

  1. 7500
  2. 8500
  3. 9500
  4. 11500
  5. 12500
  6. 15000
  7. 20000

4wd & Articulated Tractors (New!)

  1. 100hp to 150hp
  2. 150hp to 200hp
  3. 200hp to 300hp
  4. 300hp+

Rules & Regulations

Tractor Eligibility:

  1. Each tractor may register for two (2) classes only except open class
  2. Tractors eligible for antique pull are original 1960 and older (i.e. 1960, 1959, 1958, etc.)
  3. Drawbar maximum height is 20″, no less than 18″ from rear centre line to pin hole centre
  4. No wires on the governor or modified throttle linkage(s). Performance enhancing or modifications are not permitted.


Rules and Safety:

  1. Registration starts at 10:00am. All tractors must be registered to pull by 11:00am. Entry fee of $10.00 must be paid at registration.
  2. No alcoholic beverage consumption by drivers until completion of the competition.
  3. Driver to remain seated during the pull.
  4. Pull must start with a tight chain.
  5. Two hook attempts are allowed if first attempt does not exceed 50 foot mark.
  6. Life and carrying of front end of tractor will be at the Judge’s discretion, but will count (if less than 50 feet, second attempt is still allowed)
  7. Judge or flag man decisions are final. Judge may reverse decision after examining the situation.
  8. Minimum age shall be 12 years.